Channel catfish are the know scavengers of the three species and is continuously being caught by anglers on a large array of offerings. From hotdogs to soap. But here are the top bait choices that will help to increase your chances for a more successful trip.
Night crawlers and worms, chicken livers, cut/live bait (minnows, suckers, chubs, shiners, goldfish, shad, skipjack herring, bluegills) catalpa worms, grasshoppers, frogs, crayfish, raw shrimp, and blood/stink baits.
Size of the bait will depend on the size of channel catfish you are targeting.
1 to 4 lbers. Use the smaller baits, 2-3 inch Minnows, worms and night crawlers, quarter size cut bait, raw shrimp, chicken livers and blood/stink baits.
5 lbs. and larger. Use the larger bait choices, live whole or cut shad, bluegills/heads, chubs/cut, suckers/cut, pretty much all of the above. The larger mature channel catfish will take a larger bait, the more natural baits listed, will increase your chances of landing a bigger channel catfish.