The guys over at the Indiana Catfish Association just finished their open tournament event that was that was scheduled for the Walbash river but was moved to Ohio River/Tanners Creek due to high water here are the results from this event March 1,2014

1. Justin and Crystal Adkins – 6 Fish – 36.2lbs BF – 13.6lbs (Won big fish also) $240 +$90 = $330
2. Tyler Cook and Isaac Veid – 4 Fish – 19.7lbs BF – 11.4 ($120)
3. Jordan Campbell and Tim Keegan – 3 Fish – 11.2lbs BF – 4.9lbs
4. Chris and Brandy Wallace – 3 Fish – 9.8lbs BF – 3.4lbs
5. Scott Wiseman and Cory Wines – 1 Fish – 6.2lbs BF – 6.2lbs

Conditions for this event was cloudy and 35 at takeoff and sunny and 50 at weigh in. Water temps were 36-38 degrees with heavy debris and most of the creeks had ice flows coming down. Water level was 34.5ft.

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Scott Wiseman and Cory Wines

catfishing tournament


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