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Monsters on the Ohio


Tournament Director Aaron Wheatley has set the bar high as far as catfish tournaments are involved. 123 boats and 0ver 200 anglers emerged on the town of Owensboro this past October for the 4th annual Monsters on the Ohio catfishing Tournament event.

20 states were represented by anglers who entered the event for a chance of winning their share of over 25,000.00 in cash and prizes along with the bragging rights for a whole year with the top prize of 1st place being 6000.00. Big fish of the event was caught by the nationally known team of the Masingale brothers, Daryl and Jason, weighing in at 57.2 lbs. breaking the old record by about 4lbs. The big fish of this event earned them over 2400.00.

Over a 1000 spectators watched as anglers started coming to the scales also there was lots of good food available to everyone, from hot dogs to Owensboro’s best BBQ and even fried catfish.

Activities for the kids in this event included duck calling and casting competitions but everyone was a winner in the kids events.


1st: Dale & Matt Kerns – 145.6 lbs.

2nd: Casey Tutorow & John Lemaster – 138.1 lbs.

3rd: Brent Riddle & Terry Cook – 105.4 lbs.

4th: Justin Browning & Carl White – 102.6 lbs.

5th: Daryl & Jason Masingale – 95.5 lbs.

Big Fish – 57.2 lbs.

6th: Justin Hedges & Rodney Hall – 83.4 lbs.

7th: Rob Benningfield & Ricky Eiselt – 78.4 lbs.

8th: Chris Debow & Jerry Canada – 78.1lbs.

9th: Chris Souders & Justin Horner – 68.6 lbs.

10th: Jeff & Landon O’Bryan – 66 lbs.

11th: Larry Muse & Larry Spiller – 65.6 lbs.

12th: Bill Basham, Ricky Hall, Martin Logsdon – 64.3 lbs.

13th: David Martin & Eddie Miles – 62.3 lbs.

14th: David Hart & Teresa Shelpmen – 59.6 lbs.

15th: Brian Ellison & Lonny Allnut – 57.6 lbs.

16th: Adam Winder, Jason & Vicky Mathenia – 56.9 lbs.

17th: Vern Parrish & Brandon Cole – 56.6 lbs.

18th: Scott & Brady Webb – 51.5 lbs.

19th: Donald & Leah Bush – 47.8 lbs.

20th: Wiilie Smith & Drew Benner – 47.3 lbs.

21st: Ben Goebel & Rusty Devore – 46.2 lbs.

22nd: Joe Sanbower & Lester Simmons – 45.7 lbs.

23rd: Todd Anderson & Scott Miller – 43.6 lbs.

24th: Clyde Caldwell & Tim Mulvihill – 42.3 lbs.

25th: Shanon & Tim Peyton – 40.3 lbs.

2013 Monster Chamions Dale and Matt Kerns

2013 Monster Chamions
Dale and Matt Kerns

New Monsters Record Big Fish (57.2 lbs.) caught by Daryl and Jason Masingale.

New Monsters Record Big Fish (57.2 lbs.)
caught by Daryl and Jason Masingale.