Capt. Jason Bridges

Have you heard the phrase “Find The Bait Find The Fish”?

This is good/bad advice depending on the size of catfish you are looking for. It has been my experience this works great for catfish weighing 5-20lbs but seems to be inconsistent with Trophy Catfish 50-100lbs. I don’t believe Trophy Cats waste energy chasing bait schools. Trophy Cats are at the top of the food chain and can eat anything they want with ease.

catfish bait

To be more consistent catching Trophy Catfish I get away from the bait. I look at it like this, If a Trophy Catfish comes in an area where the bait is, the bait will leave, I know I would. I’m not saying you can’t catch a Trophy Catfish chasing bait schools but I do believe you will be more consistent concentrating on the things Trophy Catfish love (holes,ledges,structure).
where to catfish

In my line of work being constant is key. Give it a try and get away from that bait.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Jason Bridges