Jason Bridges, son Cody Bridges and Keith Moses takes the National title in the American ProCatters/ Monster Rod Holder National Catfish Challenge on Logan Martin Lake in AL on June 15th and 16th 2012.
The Team weighed an impressive two-day total of 164.90 pounds at the Clear Creek Harbor Marina to take the tournament title.

“It was real tough, pre-fishing was tough,” Bridges said. “We couldn’t seem to locate the fish we needed. Then, we found some good fish, but nothing like what we caught during the tournament.

“Friday morning the tournament started we went with the two best spots we had. We were drifting using skipjack control drifting on contour. The fish were there but just not real active, so we just stayed on them until they decided to bite. It’s just being persistent and patient. We knew they were there, we could see them on our electronics; we just knew we needed to be patient as the bite had been slow all week.”

During the first day of competition on Friday, they caught a 44-pound catfish early, which is a good confidence builder but can also be a curse.

big catfish

Big Fish 44.8 lbs

These fish must be alive in order to weigh them in, and catching a huge fish early and maintaining them in a live tank in hot weather can sometimes be difficult, even for experienced tournament anglers. But Bridges is no stranger to holding big fish in hot weather and successfully weighed in and released the biggest fish on day one.
Bridges said they didn’t catch big catfish just by chance. Our electronics played a key role in finding the right structure that held the right fish. We stayed on that structure both days and it paid off.

“We were fishing a ledge next to a deep hole,” Bridges said. We were drifting our baits along the contour of the ledge using using skip jack for bait.

The team of Jason and Daryl Masingale finished second in the tournament with a weight of 102.85 pounds. Daryl Masingale said his team had a good first day, but they didn’t get any big catches the second day.

“We pre-fished a day and a half before time and we didn’t do very well,” Massingale said. “The afternoon before the tournament we marked a lot of good fish, so we thought this might be a good place to start. We stayed on that spot, the first day and it panned out for us but the second day we didn’t do as good, but we are not going to complain about second place.”

The team of Russ Devore and Mosses/Tyler team finished third with a weight of 90.75 pounds. After struggling the first day, Russ Devore didn’t think his team would have a quality finish.
catfish tournament

We have been down here since Monday pre-fishing and it has been really tough on us.” Devore said. Yesterday, we only had one fish for six pounds, it was tough. We fished the same spot we fished on day one and we came in 85 pounds today. The fish were a little more aggressive and we stuck to what we knew.”

Coming in 4TH place was one of the nation’s top competing teams of Ludtke and Cline from Springfield Illinois with a total weight of 53.8 lbs. They were also drifting structure.
catfish tournament

Rounding off the 5th place spot was the team of Jeff Dodd and John Warden with a weight of 40.70

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and affiliates who played a big role in making the event a success and the anglers who fished in some of the toughest conditions in new water to most. The tough conditions really put the test to these anglers and they proved it to be true competition.

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Southern Girls Got Game

On Saturday from 10-1 the Apc also hosted a family fishing day which over 20 families that participated in a contest for trophies and prizes. Every child walked away with something, most received rod and reel combos and tackle donated by Monster rod holders. The host of Southern Girls Got Game were on hand to help the children and present their trophies and prizes.

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American ProCatters Catfish Tournament

Catfish Tournament