Well we just back from the Cabelas King Kat tournament in Gallipolis Ohio where some of you heard I had caught the new West Virginia state record bluecat, before I show you the footage of the fish, I’d like to take a minute to explain some things.

big catfish

First, thing the fish was caught on an awesome piece of water in the Ohio river that borders Ohio and West Virginia.

I have fished this stretch of river several times and I am impressed with the growth of these blue catfish and the average size of 20lb is common not to mention the trophy flathead population.

West Virginia is now protecting and monitoring their resource and look for this section of the Ohio River that borders the state to produce some world class trophy bluecats in the near future.

I’ve have been so impressed with this piece of water I have published a few articles on their efforts to grow, maintain and protect their blue cat population. I personally think Kentucky and Indiana or for that matter all states that border the Ohio River should follow suite with their trophy catfish laws.

Well here, take look at the video, I’ve caught a lot of big fish, but I m going to say this one was the most exciting, it’s like I just won the lottery.

Landing a fish that trumps the current record by twice the weight is an awesome feeling, The fish goes from 50-60 to 70-80 I just dint know what to think but there’s a major twist to the story.

So when I landed the huge catfish, I started calling people who might know how to get a hold of the DNR I call my good friend doc Lange which indecently his wife Lynn is the current state record holder for bluecats which, I think is 29lbs and some change. Doc called me back and said they were on their way.

I wanted to get the fish back in the water as quick as possible. So when the biologist got there I was relieved. But this is where the twist comes to play and my bubble was busted.

A nonresident cannot fish the Ohio River on an Ohio license is what was explained to me by the biologist thus making my fish null and void.

And With that being said, myself and many others who travel to compete in these tournaments have been under the assumption that either license would work for bordering waters, just like Ky and Indiana or KY and ill. You can fish the neutral waters of the Ohio River legally with either state license but you can’t fish up in the opposite state tributaries.
we have had discusses on the subject of bordering states laws many times, but the subject was still on the grey side.

But since the tournament was going out of an Ohio ramp, not wanting to get any violations for bringing fish to the Ohio ramp.

I thought the safest thing to do was get an Ohio license.

Trust me I wasn’t the only guy that had that same idea. I know of at least 10 teams that went and bought West Virginia license that night because of what happened to me.

So as a Kind of a voluntary community service thing for this misunderstanding with the west Virginia fishing regulations I thought id help promote their state and the great things they doing with the fishery and to share a lesson learned so anglers are clear on the regulations for this area and don’t mess up there chance at a state record blue catfish.

Well he’s still out there and I’m sure he’s not alone, so buy you some West Virginia fishing license and get busy.
Good luck to everyone