Want to catch a state record blue catfish and have your name featured in the record books?

The Ohio River along the borders of West Virginia is where you need to look for your new state record blue catfish.

If a guy really wanted to put the work in, I believe someone could produce a new West Virginia state record blue cat in 2012.

West Virginia has the absolute best chance of a state record as the bluecats are fairly new to the section of the Ohio River but growing fast as the WVDNR have established strict creel size limits and are monitoring them closely.


West Virginia DNR Studies

The current State record was caught by Doc and Lynn Lange during a Cabelas King Kat Tournament in 2009 and weighed in at 29.75 lbs. And it measured 42.25 inches long. These fish have had three years to grow and they should be much larger.
blue catfish

Tim and Lynn Lange State record Blue Catfish

I have fished this stretch of river several times and I am impressed with the growth of these fish and the average size of 20lb that are available.

Because West Virginia is now protecting their resource, look for this section of the Ohio River that borders the state to produce some world class trophy bluecats in the near future.