When fishing below the dam’s,current is key. Good current tends to make the fish bite better.

They will hold tight to structure,holes and can be found easier. What happens when they shut the current off and the fish quit biting? Most people around here just pack up and head to the house. There is still good fish to be caught. All you have to do is adjust, the fish didn’t quit biting,they moved.

The fish will move off of structure,holes and move up in the water column and start roaming. This is when I go in hunt mode. I’ll pull the anchor up and start drifting,using my trolling motor,keeping my baits off the bottom as much as 10feet and cover a lot of water.

I’ll drift everything flat’s, ledges, shallow’s and deep, picking up good fish along the way. They will be scattered, so patience is key. Next time your on good fish and the current shuts down on you, don’t go to the house “Adjust”. Always remember, to put more fish in the boat, you have to be willing to adjust to the ever changing conditions.

big flathead catfish

Tight Lines
Capt.Jason Bridges