Chattahoochee HillJack Catfishing
Old Creek Town, Lake Eufaula, AL
10 March 2012
Chattahoochee HillJack Catfishing hosted our 2nd tournament of 2012 on 10 March out of the Old Creek Town ramp on Lake Eufaula, Alabama. The day was full of challenges
but the beautiful weather would make for an excellent fishing experience for our teams!

The night before the tournament we learned that more than 200 bass fishermen would be
squaring off to fish events on the lake at the same time as our tournament.

This news almost caused us to move our tournament north but we determined that only 20 or so bass
fishermen would be launching from Old Creek Town making it a manageable crowd.

Everybody got launched without issue!

I would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting HillJack Catfishing and our tournament trail: Renegade Tackle company, Monster Rod Holders, Georgetown
Marine, Brandon’s Weights and Tackle!

The morning started off pleasant with temperatures in the mid-50’s and light winds! That wind did not stay light for long though and it was only a matter of time before white caps
were seen on the main lake areas! Water conditions were slightly stained with a slight current thru much of the morning.

Water temps started at 59 and would reach 62 in the upper
river as the day warmed up to a sunny 73 degrees.

HillJack Catfishing experienced our largest event in 2 years with 15 teams showing up to fish! Thanks to all who participated and especially to those teams that are helping spread
the word about our events. We are growing and its going to be an exciting year.

Team Backlash (Raymond Wrensh/Jason Day) would lock down 1st place with an impressive 48.95lbs of catfish and the tournament Big Fish with a 18.75 lb Blue Catfish. Team
Backlash caught their fish using fresh cut skipjack! Congratulations Ray/Jason on this great finish in only your 2nd tournament. Team Backlash is a team to be reckoned with in
2012! 1st Place and Big Fish would pay $360!

**Special thanks goes out to Ray’s wife Melissa for baking some amazing cookies that were shared during registration!

2nd Place would go to another new HillJack Team! Team WAHA Reelers (Brent Watson/Robert Harrell) would secure 2nd place with 32.65 lbs of Blue Catfish! 2nd Place would
pay $135! Congratulations Team WAHA Reelers on a great showing.

Team HillJack (Shane Smith/Johnny Higginbotham) would secure 3rd place with 31.75 lbs of fish. The HillJacks would weigh in a mixed bag of Blue/Channel catfish. These fish
were caught on fresh skipjack in 15-20 feet of water! 3rd Place would pay $90!


OTHER TEAMS COMPETING (in order of finish)
Team Strictly Fishing 24.90 lbs
Team Killer B’s 24.15 lbs
Team Bait Bandit 20.60 lbs
Team Catfish Junkies 18.65 lbs
Team No Fishing Polywog 13.80 lbs
Team No Play 11.45 lb
Team T&A 4.10 lbs
Team Onion Sack 3.75 lbs
Team Cat Busters 3.65 lbs
Team JoeCFuss DNW
Team Hawg Seekers DNW
Team Ronald DNW
HillJack Catfishing would like to welcome Team Strictly Fishing to the tournament trail! They finished in 4th place and weighed in the runner up Big Fish at 17.20 lbs