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Humminbird has just launched an exclusive sonar accessory that will give anglers a unique detailed view their surrounding area. The Humminbird 360 imaging accessory.

This New technology is similar to the side imaging, in the way you read or interrupt it; only it provides a complete around-the-boat 360 degree, underwater image.

The 360 Imaging has the ability to cover a 300-foot diameter circle from around the boat.

You will have several options when viewing 360 Imaging; you can view the entire 360 circle or break it down in ¼ segments.

For example, you can select the front view segment and see what’s in front of you, or select just the rear or either sides.

Split screen viewing is also available so the image can be displayed with a chart or traditional SwitchFire™ Sonar.

The 360 Imaging accessory includes a (TDS) Transducer Deployment System that attaches to the boat transom.

The TDS lowers the transducer below the bottom of the boat and outboard, ensuring an unobstructed underwater view.

The 360 Imaging performs best when used while stationary or trolling up to 7 miles per hour.

This sonar accessory is exclusively compatible with current Humminbird Side Imaging-equipped models that are Ethernet-capable.

Here are some other key features of Humminbird’s 360 Imaging accessory:

The ability to mark GPS waypoints anywhere on the 360 Imaging screen
An audio alert is given when the boat nears a waypoint within casting distance.
Capable of recording video and screen captures
Four sonar speed settings
Zoom in feature on a Specific area.

360 imaging only works on the ethernet ready 798 SI, 898 SI, 998 SI AND 1198 SI units!

Just think of the advantages this is going to give a tournament angler.

being able to see what’s coming up in front of the boat and make course adjustments as we’re making a drift or when we’re anchored up stationary, allowing us to view what’s going on up to 150 ft from the back of the boat, receiving real time updated underwater images.
Watch in real time as bait balls or fish go swimming by.

The suggested retail price of Humminbird’s 360 imaging is $1,999. And availability is expected later this summer.