Today Cabelas King Kat Tournament trial announced the 2012 Classic dates and location. Sept. 27,28,29 @ Selma, AL (Alabama River).
King Kat Tournament official Tanner Tabor told the APC that he was excited about this location as it will new water for most. The fish are here. “says Tabor”. Blues, Flathead’s and channel cats.
“we have had our most recent classics in channel cat waters for the last two seasons, which have been fun but we thought it was time for a change and bring it back to some Bluecat water”.

When Tanner told me where it was at, I was immediately intrigued, says Steve Douglas Managing Editor of American ProCatters. “I love new water and I’m excited about the location so I started calling around to get some intel on the Alabama River. I contacted Josh Blankenship owner of the Grizzly Catfish Trail in central Bama and he told me its a smaller type river but it produces some great solid flatheads and blues. The Alabama River has some good fish in it, the Alabama state record came from that stretch of river. Says Blankenship, He told me he makes the three hour trip a few times a year just to fish this piece of water.

It’s little deep in Bama say’s Douglas and puts me about 9 hours between my house and the event location but I’m defiantly looking forward to fishing it and will be there”.

We talked to APC Staff member Joe Lutke (Team Tracker) and asked him what he thought about the location. I think its awesome, i have never fished this water before but i like new water so we are excited says Lutke.

Most everyone we talked with today had the same reaction, Not sure of the location but excited its in bluecat waters, some referring to it as a level playin field for all.