The Hilljacks kicked off the 2012 tournament season on Saturday fishing out of Uchee Creek marina Fort Benning, GA/Fort Mitchell, AL. Despite adverse conditions we had a great turnout with 13 teams showing up to fish!

Conditions were extremely tough! The temperature dropped down to sub-freezing (not supposed to happen in Georgia!) and we enjoyed steady winds of 20 mph……………….with gust to exceed 40 mph!

To make these conditions even better, there was no plan to pump water on Saturday and the river was dropping steadily throughout the day.

Water temps dropped down to 54 degrees (was 60 on Tuesday) and current was non-existent. I did not expect things to turn out the way they would.

I would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting HillJack Catfishing and our tournament trail: Renegade Tackle company, Monster Rod Holders, Georgetown Marine, Brandon’s Weights and Tackle! At the end of the weigh in we would give away more than $150 in door prizes that included a Ming Yang CL60 bait casting reel (Renegade tackle) and $25 gift cards from Georgetown Marine and Brandon’s Weights/Tackle. Thank you all for your support!

1st Place would go to the Killer B’s (Jody Atkins/Bill Holmes) with a weight of 32.75 lbs! The Killer B’s had 5 great fish with a 12.8lb kicker fish! 1st Place would pay $195! Jody/Bill stated that these fish were all caught in 30 + feet of water and come early in the event! The bait of choice for the winning team would be fresh cut Gizzard Shad and Skipjack! Congrats, it looks like the Killer B’s will be the team to beat in 2012!

catfish tournament2nd Place would be taken by Team Ronald (still working on a clever name!) with a weight of 27.55 lbs! Team Ronald would secure Big Fish honors also with a Blue catfish weighing 24.05 lbs! This is a new team that I am sure will be back to fish with us again after earning $247 for their day of fishing!

catfishing tournament3rd Place would go to Team Bait Bandit (Clay/Clayton Reeves)with 20.85lbs of fish! Team Bait Bandit would bring the runner up BF to the scales with a 17.65 lb Blue Catfish. This team run all the way south to Lake Eufaula headwaters and caught their fish in a “deep hole” using cut SkipJack! Turns out the travel time paid off as they brought home $80 for 3rd place.

Other teams competing: (in order of finish)
Team Onion Sack 19.5 lbs
Team Cat Busters 17.75 lbs
Team HillJack 12.55 lbs
Team Joe C Fuss 10.25 lbs
Team T&A 10.15 lbs
Team Catfish Junkies 2.65 lbs
Team No Fishing Polywog DNW
Team WAHA Reelers DNW
Team Raymond DNW

Special welcome goes out to Teams Ronald, Onion Sack, JoeCFuss, WAHA Reelers, and Raymond! This was the first qualifying HillJack Catfishing for these teams! I promise (at least mostly promise) that conditions will be better for our next event!