I have been in the catfishing tournament scene for over ten years and had thought I have seen and heard it all.

Recently it has been brought to our attention by several different guys that a new loop hole or grey area has been established by a few to gain a few ounces to their total weight in catfishing tournaments.

I have not seen this first hand but my understanding of this is, guys are bringing their fish to the scales in tubs of water, which is cool. The fish conservation should be our first concern.

What is not cool is the way they are using the water to their advantage to gain a few ounces to the total weight.

This practice is preformed by lipping the fish and dragging it forcibly through the tub of water to force excess water into the mouth and gullet of the fish before putting it in the weigh in container, adding a few ounces to the weight of the total weight.

This trend is not common in the larger profile tournaments where blue catfish are present and probably wouldn’t make a big difference with large fish.

It only seems to be happening on a local level where channel cats are being brought to the scales, but it is a practice we cannot afford to catch on throughout the industry as there are some higher profile tournaments being conducted in channel cat waters also.

I cannot comprehend as to why this is being done; it is not truly a win unless it’s done fair and square.

Is it for the prestige of being one of the top finishers or is it money driven.

Regardless of the reason, in my opinion it is a practice that should not be tolerated in any tournament event and should be considered as cheating.

Tell us what you think about this loop hole or grey area issue.